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Provide the Best Care.

OPUM uses best in class sensor technologies embedded into the same knee brace designs you are already prescribing your patients. Digital Knee provides an objective measurement of knee health over days, weeks and months.

OPUM identifies at-risk patients, enabling you to intervene at the first sign of a problem, not when they return to clinic.

Automatically generates patient-specific care plans to help speed up the process for simple cases - but you have complete flexibility in the final prescribed care plan.

Remote Patient Monitoring.

The OPUM clinician dashboard enables all care providers in the continuum of care to collaborate in supporting a patient to recovery.

This platform makes every aspect of implementing remote patient monitoring of your patients effortless.

Proprietary algorithms tell you how patients are progressing in their prescribed rehabilitation plan, automatically identifying exercises and helping you perform assessments that inform clinical decisions.

Population Data.
Yours and the World’s.

Whether you want to see how your patient population recovers, or whether you want to compare how your patient’s recovery is tracking compared to population data, the OPUM platform unlocks population knee health data for healthcare providers while strictly adhering to patient privacy regulations.

Manage patients across your practice to track how well you are performing in terms of outcomes and efficiency. Utilize data to support value-based care initiatives.


Data We Measure

  • Posture and activity using artificial intelligence

  • Active and gait range-of-motion

  • Clinical gait analysis and spatiotemporal parameters

  • Workload

  • Compliance

Rehabilitation Protocols

  • Fully customisable template protocols following international standards

  • Assign to your patients directly

  • Track patient compliance to rehab protocols

  • Patient-reported outcome measures

  • Catch risk cases


Digital KneeTM ROM Brace

OPUM’s Digital Knee platform augments clinical practice and has the potential to completely revolutionize rehabilitation of knee injuries”
— Dr Sarah Ward, PT, PhD


Regulatory & Reimbursement



The OPUM Digital Knee is based on years of extensive research, development and clinical evidence.

Below is a selection of our team’s peer-reviewed science:


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OPUM Patents

  • PCT/NZ2018/050085

  • PCT/NZ2019/050110

  • PCT/NZ2019/050111


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