Digital Knee ROM Brace

Your surgeon may recommend a ROM knee brace to maintain joint integrity and control the functional range of motion after a knee injury like an ACL tear.

Whether you’re protecting your knee leading up to surgery and for the weeks following when your graft is the most vulnerable or if you’re on a non-surgical management pathway, Digital Knee provides several key benefits over traditional braces:

  • Data collected helps tailor your rehabilitation activities as you get your range of motion and strength back

  • Your care team can use data to manage your controlled milestone rehabilitation

  • The modular smart wearable easily follows you into the next stage of recovery and return to play

  • Flexion and Extension limits can be set independently at x, x, x and x deg


  • Knee ligament tear

  • Pre/post knee surgery

Ordering Information

DK-001-5-50 (Universal) - Brace only

DK-002-5-50 (Universal) - Brace + Module

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Digital Knee Wearable

A lightweight wearable brace that attaches to any of your favorite soft sleeve braces for managing your return to play and long-term knee health.

If you have a Digital Knee ROM brace your module is used with the wearable.

  • Add data and insights to your current brace or any brace that fits your needs best

  • Wear underneath or over the top of your everyday clothing

  • Seamless data collection from injury through recovery and prevention

  • Wear all day or just during your rehabilitation


  • Ligament injuries

  • Patella-femoral pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Return to play management

Ordering Information

DK-003-0-60 (Right) - Wearable Only DK-003-0-60 (Left) - Wearable Only

DK-004-0-60 (Right) - Wearable + Module DK-004-0-60 (Left) - Wearable + Module

Instructions for Use


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OPUM Lab is the ‘smarts’ behind the Digital Knee. The data collected on your knee health is augmented by powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Both the patient and the care team are presented with insights. OPUM Lab makes the recovery journey data driven, and creates efficiencies in the care team through automation.

For Patients

For Clinicians

  • Customised dashboard

  • Receive & manage rehab protocols

  • Advanced features and tools for managing clinical practice


Ordering Information

OPUM Lab is available on iOS and Android platforms and as a web-based app for desktop/laptop use.

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OPUM Quality

At OPUM we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and customer service:

  • Our products are manufactured with strict compliance to ISO13485 standards

  • Our products are approved for use by regulatory bodies in countries where they are available for sale

  • We take protecting your data seriously and are HIPAA compliant