About Us


We love making people’s lives better. That’s why we founded OPUM.


Sensors, robotics and AI are in our DNA.

We have world-class engineers and clinicians translating today’s cutting edge technologies into a knee injury recovery platform that empowers patients and enables clinicians.

We are data driven and evidence-based.

We believe that people deserve to have technology that is easy, useful, and comfortable.



OPUM exists to keep people active.




OPUM was founded out of the “Medical Devices and Technologies” Research Group at the University of Auckland, a team consisting of over 20 researchers. We are world-leading experts in wearable robotics, medical devices, sensors, clinical research, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Digital Knee is the culmination of 10 years of applied research. OPUM is grounded in translational R&D, tackling complex clinical problems from the perspective of the triple healthcare aim: better patient experience of care and population health at a reduced per-capita cost.



Associate Professor Andrew McDaid, BE(Hons) PhD

Dee Milic, BSc & PGDipSci (Physiology) and BE(Hons) Software Engineering

Daniel Finamore, Tecnologo IT Managment (Brazil)

Chris Jarrett, BE(Hons), ME

Dr Sarah Ward, PT, PhD

Arran Davis, BE(Hons) Software

Dr Laura Faulconer, PhD

Brian Russell, BE


Our Partners