Digital KneeTM

Data Driven Recovery from Injury


Automated care platform for sports injury

Recovering from knee injury can be a long process. Avoiding re-injury and arthritis in later life are key goals.

OPUM’s objective data and insights help you to manage your recovery and long-term knee health.



Patients who complete rehabilitation have better outcomes. Keep motivated for the best recovery possible with a personalized care plan.

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Know where you’re at in your recovery process. Easier than ever to follow your doctor’s recommendations. Effortlessly track your recovery.



You’re at the center of your care. Stay connected with your care team through your recovery journey, not just when you’re in the clinic.



The Digital Knee’s smart module simply connects to multiple brace types and wearables as you progress along your journey. Your data travels with you.

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We know that many of Digital Knee users want to regain their pre-injury level of function, whether that’s a casual walk or a competitive active sport. There are a range of tests your care team will do to assess when and how you can safely return to play. The care team makes personalized decisions with every patient - this is complex and there is no single rule on how to return to play safely without compromised performance.

Data collected from the OPUM Digital Knee is a powerful new tool to help inform you and your care team , further tailoring your return to play to your specific needs and aspirations.


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Note: OPUM is not currently available for sale in all countries.

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